Nowadays more people are interested in taking up work-from-home or online jobs due to many reasons. The fact is that online jobs offer plenty of advantages, which you will not see with many regular or full-time jobs. However, there is one or another work from home scam being reported in the media at the regular intervals. You should stay guard to avoid being victimized by the scammers. If you are looking for online jobs and have no clue on how to identify the scammer, then you may read this article. To know more about online business and employment news, you can check at

The very purpose of online job scammers is to retrieve your personal details and bank information. Since online jobs and interviews happen in the virtual environment, such as the internet, chat, phone calls, prospective job aspirant may not easily identify the scam behind. First and foremost, you can see a possible red flag on the job advertisement posted by the scammers. Some of the red flags are grammar and spelling mistakes in the job ad. Another red flag is the third-party email domain rather than having own domain. For example, a serious company will have email as and not or

You should also be cautious when dealing with the employers and companies that demand upfront fees. A legitimate company will only pay its employees based on his work and experience. You should also stay away from the companies that are so eager to gather your personal details through a phone call or internet chat. You will never know whether the person calling through the phone is genuine or not unless you verify in person. Therefore, be cautious when sharing your personal and sensitive information.

Nowadays, the online job scammers are ready to go to any extent. They even steal the company logo and design to pretend themselves as genuine in many possible ways. So, you should check the credibility and authenticity of the job ad or the employer through different means. Visit the office and talk with the caller to see whether he is genuine. Though the online jobs require you to work from home, you should take few hours to check the office address and employer.

To avoid the theft of personal identity and information, you can post your resume anonymously. Posting the resume anonymous will hardly hamper your employment opportunities. Genuine employers understand the risk of providing personal information, and hence they do not straight away reject the resumes, which are posted anonymously.

You can check the reliability or authenticity of the company from other credible sources. You may check the Internet and check with other real people, who may know about the prospective employer. You should be on guard if a company says that they offer high salary than other employees. This might be one of the techniques to lure the genuine job seekers.

If you are a victim of an online job scam, then you should inform the police or concerned regulatory authority immediately. You should also close all the bank accounts to prevent the possibility of money theft.